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Assalamualaikum and Good Day Everyone!

First of all, Thank you a million for coming to my website. it is my honour to have you guyz here on my page and it has been my dream to own a personal page that represents me of what i do love the most and sharing what i think is beneficial for all of us.
so ya, as you know my name is Azlan Said and for short people who know me, call me by the name of Lan. Born and raised in this small town called Beaufort. Although you hardly heard about my town because there is nothing much in here but i love and proud to be one of the beaufort’ian..

Making this website or blog page for that matter is always been my dream. I love writing, it is like my hidden power if you don’t mind on how am i going to explain it to myself haha, its always be my speciality when come to writing, my imagination is way beyond you can think of. But i don’t really show it all because somehow ‘haha’ i dont express anything on Facebook, twitter or any social media. I think the fact of me scared of being judge on socialmedia is the way to explain it ‘haha’. and yes the fact that it takes courage of wake up in the morning and start writing be one of the reason why this is not going to happen.

I still remember when i was in school i write my own poem,a short drama story and sent it to the radio station get picked to be published, i remember one of my articles got selected to be published on my school yearbook, yeah i know none of the things that i mentioned above is going to prove that I’m a good writer. But this talent i have which is writing always be my hidden secret talent ‘haha’. so ya stop about that, what im trying to say is, this platform that i have in front of my eyes could give me satisfaction that i been searching for.

So with that i really hope maybe you can enjoy this ride together with me and be my friends no matter where you are in this world.
Once again thank you very much for spending some time to visit my page, keep in touch, just reply a comment anywhere here on my blog post, follow my social media account and subscribe to my youtube channel. We can be friends for sure!!

Thanks xoxo

azlan said

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