written by Azlan Said

Google Adsense : One Thing You Should Know Before Puting Ads On Your Website

hi Hello everyone, Hows everyone doing? Thanks for stoping by, so from the the title of this blog you probably have the same issue just like me, one thing that i should knew before puting ads on my website or blogpost. i have been blogging since 2021 and at first i dont have any big issue with my website, i think im doing great, posting post that maybe related to a lot of people and etc. im not that profesional , im still a beginner and still learning new things on every single post im posting and still make a reference from youtube on how to do certain post, plugin editing and a whole lot more. Thats how bad iam on building a website, but despite everything i still manage to build a full complete website.

ok what one thing you should know before puting ads on your website, DONT SET AUTO ADS ON YOUR WEBSITE, yes this!! if you think you will get benefit more on impresion well i would say yes but not entirely, in my case i get more view on Manual ads as per the picture i screenshot below. I know you would think you will do much less stuff when puting auto ads, because you think google will do the job for you. I would say google will do their job but in my case google done more than they should be doing haha, why i say this is, throughout 2021 to 2024 i’ve noticed that everytime i open my website either from my mobile phone or ipad or my computer the ads is everywhere, it appear even before the website loading, it mess up your website design, it mess up the placement of your title heading, your picture its everywhere.

At first i thought wow this is good for the monetizion, the impression of the ads will be crazy. and guess what im wrong, i also have manual ads on the site, the imprision on my manual ads is way more view than the auto ads. and eventually the auto ads really annoy the hell out of me, if im annoy for sure the visitor of my site will get annoy too and probably wont even log into my website. i keep on searching over the youtube, blog post even reddit but i cant find anything that resolve the placement of the ads, i hate it especially when it mess up my website design the placement of picture, heading and everything. it even mess up my wordpress dashboard the ads also appear there, i literraly cant finish a post if i put an ads html during editing, thats how bad it get me..

Until one day i was browsing on the google ads, finding what i can do about this issue and still cant find anything , one last google search for the problem i come across this youtube short saying stop AUTO ADS on your website, i look further more yess thats it, this is the answer for all this problem that keep annoy me haha.. immidietly i go to google adsense, on ads section where you can find your website address next to it will showing either the auto ads is turn on or turn off. i turn it off and it will take effect on the website after 24 hours, guess what the next day when i open my website all the crazy ads its not showing any more, it only appear on the post where i put the html code is in wordpress. so this is the one thing you should know before puting ads on your website, turn off the AUTO ADS and just do manual ads placement. and for another tips after this use more on multiple ads on your website, this will generate more impression on the ads and im start doing that too.

Okay i think thats all for now, i hope this post will help you understand what is the different auto ads and manual ads. if you have anything to ask just dm me on any of the social media i share on this site. thanks for reading this post…happy blogging!!