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Free Melbourne Trip Itinerary | Travel Guide Melbourne Australia

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone’s hope everyone doing great and stay safe no matter where you are. So untuk post kali ni admin akan tulis tentang Melbourne Trip Itinerary so for all of you yang plan nak travel ke Melbourne Australia then post ni could be beneficial for you and help you in away. Admin pun sebenarnya belom lagi jejak kaki ke sini, but memang planing akan travel ke sini to complete my Australia journey, this is the only major city that i never been to, so by writing this post me myself in advanced make this travel itinerary incase this whole pandemic thing will be over soon and we all can start travel again. So i will be covering tempat tinggal, tempat attraction, what to do, and maybe some tips that i found on the internet and post it here and that usually money budget tips and hidden secret place.

Admin tahu dilema nak travel tu bila google tempat-tempat best, sejuta macam tempat dia suggest untuk lawat, and the question is where to begin?..pening kan? so this is why i write this blog post supaya korang senang and admin pun senang nanti bila mahu datang ke sini…but ya la offcoz you can tweak here and there based on your travel admin akan suggest based on day to day basis activity and location is on next to each other supaya senang travel nanti tak yah ulang alik tempat yang sama sebab tidak buat research. Melbourne ni terletak paling bawah sekali iaitu southeastern coast. December to February musim panas,March to May musim luruh,June to august Musim Sejuk dan September to august tu musim bunga tapi dah start panas lah. so korang dah boleh agak bila masa yang sesuai untuk datang ke sini, and at the same time you know what kind of cloth you need to pack up based on the seasons. Kat melbourne ni tiada snow tapi certain place memang ada snow seperti Mount Buller,admin akan masukan jugak Mount Buller dalam itinerary ni.Stay tune!!

But before i start biar admin buat sedikit introduction what is Melbourne all about. Melbourne ni dulu sebenarnya capital city of Australia tapi tahun 1927 capital city di pindah ke Canberra city. Do you know that Melbourne was originally named Batmania. Admin pun tidak pasti kenapa Batmania haha. Melbourne is fourth in the world to have the largest tram system and this is good to go around in the city. Tram tu macam Monorel lah tapi outdoor kat jalan and i think its power by electric. Its a very diversity city and culture and so everyone seem to be welcome here from all around the world and thats good because for me and maybe for most you finding Halal food is should be not a problem here.i think thats all we need to know so far about hopefully this thread will make you future travel the best travel trip ever and without further a due lets go to Day 1.

Day 1 – Melbourne Central Business District “CBD”

Kenapa tinggal di CBD? ingat ni business trip ka?.haha.and msti ada jugak cakap “saya travel bukan mau tengok bangunan, atau pigi shopping complex atau kalau mau tengok bandar baik aku pigi KL saja, atau aku mau tgk nature bukan bandar”ya ya you are absolutely correct… but Wait a minute your Lazy ass Traveler haha just kidding, first of all this is my travel itinerary and second of all there is no obligation to this so you are free to follow and tweak anything here based on your like. And you might think that staying in the CBD is very expensive, well little that you know, go install AirBnB and you will amaze by that,the starting price is as cheap as RM50, can you believe that? but offcoz booking AirBnB in group will cost more in bulk but not when you split the price. The reason for day 1 in CBD is to get to know this city much closer and then pastu finding halal food, cheap market place senang kan! and you have no idea there is like alot,i mean alot of amazing attraction in the city of Melbourne.

So i would suggest for you stay in CBD for at least 2 or 3 days to cover all the top attraction here and yes Melbourne is known as a very good in public transportation, dan boleh lah menggunakan Tram service pastu free taw esp tempat tempat attraction. Kat sebelah ni map laluan tram yang bagi naik secara percuma and i put the link here for you to download the map.

kat Melbourne ni selain tram banyak jer lagi sistem pengangkutan lain, so untuk memudahkan menaiki semua transportation ni boleh purchase kad Myki dengan bayaran AUD$6 dan top lah sebanyak mana yang anda perlu tapi ingat tak boleh refund taw balance dalam tu so purchase wisely.Uber also avaiable kat sini, so pendek kata untuk transportation is not a problem here, choose wisely based on your budget.

OMG Day 1 ni more like explaination stuff plak haha, dont worry i will put the short and compact version kat bawah sekali post ni. This part here is more explaining things so you will get a better picture. ok lets start all over again haha…

Fed Square (Federation Square)

Tempat ni betul betul di tengah kota Melbourne, Fed Square ni venue untuk arts,culture and publics events, so based on review tempat ni kalau weekend memang banyak free public events yang kita boleh tengok, and actually it also surround with alot of art gallery, if you into art then this is your time to shine and be inspired. Selain tu banyak restaurant dan cafe di sekeliling Fed Square ni,and selalu tengok d Tv tempat ni ala ala tempat lepak outdoor lah sambil menyaksikan seni bina para para artis di Melbourne. Ambik gambar kat sini paling wajib.

ACMI (Australian Centre For The Moving Image) & The Ian Potter Centre

ACMI ni National Museum Of Film,Video Games,Digital Culture and Art meanwhile The ian Potter Centre tu plak Art Gallery Collection of the National Gallery of Victoria. Like i said before Melbourne is obses with art so even you are not so much into art but why not try this and you could enjoy and maybe discover new interest. Bangunan ni next to Fed Square sangat lah dekat just jalan kaki.

Hosier Lane

Another 400m walk plak adalah Boulevard with street art, colourfull grafiti yang memang tiap kali kawan kawan travel ke Melbourne mesti ada gambar belakang grafiti wall, so kat sini lah antara yang famous guyz.paling best jalan kaki je sangat dekat.

Manchester Unity Building & Melbourne Town Hall

Jalan lagi another one block of building pulak dua bangunan ni, just bersebelahan to each other. Good thing about building here is all of them are unique, what i mean by unique is you know thats melbourne when you see the picture of the building. Next to this beautiful building is Scot Church Melbourne. Jangan rugi tangkap gambar sebagai kenangan.Di belakang dua bangunan ni pla Tourist Information Centre, if you need more information about melbourne then just walk a few min to here.

Melbourne River Cruises

Jalan kaki ke sini cuma mengambil masa beberapa minit and melalui princess Bridge di Yarra river, this is also one of the icnoic bridge and di register kan sebagai the victorian Heritage. So if you wanna see Melbourne in diffrent perspective so admin sangat advice untuk naik river cruise, ambik masa dalam 1 jam dengan bayaran around aud $27,utk satu route tapi kalau pakej aud $39 it cover 2 route for 2 depends on you kalau banyak masa then blh la ambik dua jam at least blh lah rehat kan kaki sebab banyak bejalan kan.

Kings Domain

Selepas sudah dapat rehat naik cruises so penat berjalan pun hilang sudah,then boleh terus ke Kings Domain which is a public park in the city, along the way ke sini pn boleh jumpa juga National Gallery of victoria another art gallery, lepas tu ada alexandra Gardens dan Queen Victoria gardens. Boleh lah hirup udara segar di sini.

Eureka Skydeck

When it start to get dark sudah then admin suggest pergi ke Eureka Skydeck. Another way of seeing Melbourne in different prespective, this is the third tallest building in australia so if you have extra budget boleh lah kesini, it cost you around aud $22 and it look so beautiful watching melbourne city up high in the sky, Admin advice naik ke sini bila start sudah mahu malam sebab view malam lagi cantik city full of colourfull light.

alright Done day 1 , basically day 1 ni more sight seeing di Melbourne city and i bet we can find a lot of cool interesting stuff here, and good thing is while walk around for sure we can find one or two shop that offering good deals and ya it could save you a lot of time looking for it when you already know where is it.

Day 2 – Melbourne Central Business District “CBD”

Hari kedua masih lagi di CBD but for this second day admin suggest kita explore di bahagian north melbourne and this time we move around with tram. Beause north side of Melbourne is included a free route using tram. Top attraction di upper side ni pun tidak kurang jugak hebat nya and to those yang suka shopping di upper side ni banyak tempat shopping. Well thats why i said for first to third day sesuai sangat stay at area CBD sebab it close to places that you dont wanna missed when you travel to Melbourne. So lets jump in..

Queen Victoria Market

This market Open everyday at 6am except on sunday it open at 9pm and only close on monday and wednesday. This is a major landmark in Melbourne and one of the top list places to visit. Inside the market there is a lot of shop and restaurant selling variety of things from food to antique to plant and organic good.So since this is the earlist places to open admin suggest kita lawat tempat ni paling awal so that we can have a breakfast here dan lepas tu boleh shopping.

Melbourne Museum

Oleh kerana aree ni dalam route free tram so we move to second location which is Melbourne museum, kawasan museum melbourne ni juga ada Carlton Garden dan Royal Exhibition Building, so dalam masa yang sama boleh lawat 3 tempat. Hey educational visit [un penting jugak at least we learn something by visiting a Museum, we just dont know what we could learn, so please be open minded.

China Town

Di Melbourne pun ada juga china town, so admin suggest selepas melawat Museum then kita just jalan kaki ke china town. Tapi kalau masih ada masa yang panjang boleh detour untuk melawat state library Victoria dan The Melbourne Central Clock, dua bangunan ni pun sebahagian daripada landmark di Melbourne juga.Off coz when you see china town there will be a lot of restaurant in here, so lunch can be find here. and at the same time boleh shopping. Jangan risau if you want more modern style of shopping we can go to Emporium Melbourne, one of the largest shopping mall here in Melbourne. and the good thing is it close to each other, so just santai jalan kaki look around and sampai lah ke Emporium Melbourne the shopping mall.Berabis lah anda bershopping di sana ya nanti, admin just cuci mata jak hehe.

state library Victoria dan The Melbourne Central Clock

Emporium Melbourne / Shopping Mall

Day 3 – Melbourne Central Business District “CBD”

Alright day 3, the time fly very fast every time you go travel. haha. So for day three this is very optional for you to still stay in the CBD area atau luar CBD. Sebab for day three and forwards our travel takes a long journey so admin suggest untuk rent a car. To rent a car in Melbourne or any city in the Australia is very easy and affordable according to your travel budget and you can just book in advanced online. There is variety of car to choose from and as low as RM100 perday..i’ll screenshot the website for you to see. Untuk pick up kereta sewa to ada option pick up kat airport atau any other place yang kamu mahu, but for admin i prefer just pick up at airport sebab senang and easy to get a direction.

you have to be in mind that when you are renting a car, there is a few thing you need to concern which is you need to know where to park your car, understand the parking fee system which sometime it can be confusing like when i was in Sydney, it takes a while for me to understand it. The road regulation is very strict here so you have to follow every rules and be aware of road sign,the last thing you want to have is a ticket from the police. Car petrol is one of the consideration too as it will be in the budget too, but if you are travel in group you can scale that down. and lastly when you are going to return the car make sure the car is clean or else they will charge you more in your credit card. and my tips from me is if you are going to rent a car just include the insurance, you just dont know what going to happen so better safe than sorry and ya thats all you need to know when renting a car.So lets jump in to our day three activity.

Melbourne zoo

The zoo is located in the royal park, your Australia trip will not be complete if you did not see the cutest animal Koala, and there is about 5000 animal in Melbourne zoo, so this going to be hell epic animal experience. When i grow up i used to watch Crocodile Hunter the amazing late Steve Irwin, he is like my true hero when come to wild life. haha. So everytime im going to Australia zoo Steve Irwin always come in my mind.This Zoo is so big so this might take a one day to explore.

Brighton beach

Get your sunblock and we are going to the beach, yeah!!!!.. so we will going to the famous beach here in Melbourne which is Brighton Beach. i would suggest we are going here on the afternoon, selepas dari zoo cari makan untuk lunch then after that we are going to the Brighton Beach. so we can take a photo on that colourfull bath house. well ya everyone that come here have this picture on thier instagram so lets go for that, i know its sound like wow another same picture, but again why not??? haha..since we have car and in control of our time i think its no harm for us to mandi pantai di sini, at least we can experience the cold sea water. right?!!!!! So ya day 3 is over only doing two activity, the rest after that free to do anything maybe we can drive around the city to enjoy the night life in Melbourne.

Speaking about night life, my previous experience Australian not really into the night life, most shop close even after 6pm and some 9pm, only some bar will be open so i dont know man, but maybe its different in Melbourne.

Luna Park Melbourne

So this is optional, admin almost forget Melbourne have a theme park, so if you are someone who love theme park rider then admin suggest korg boleh pergi sini instead of go to the beach. But offcoz if you in the group let decide majority who wanna go which places. ye lah kalau bergerak dalam group its important semua pun boleh enjoy ngan activitiy yang kita decide untuk buat. Alright?

Mcm admin ckp td ni optional korang oleh pergi sama ada zoo, pantai atau theme park, and all of this three places takes about setengah hari untuk you truly enjoy the activity.Good Luck!!

Day 4 Great Ocean Road trip

Everytime admin pergi travel, dapat chance memandu di negara orang is basically the activity that i excited the most. Perasaan buat roadtrip bersama kawan-kawan tu yang buat admin rasa happy betul, tambah lagi dengan kawan-kawan yang memang sekepala jauh macam mana pun perjalanan tu memang tidak akan terasa. So thats why everytime i go travel im trying to include driving activity, and lagi-lagi this one sgt excited because we will driving along the Southeastern Ocean road which called Great Ocean Road.

There is so many beautiful places we can go here but first a little info about Great Ocean Road, Jalan ni dibina tahun 1922 dan siap pada tahun 1932, mengambil masa lebih kurang sepuluh tahun. Jalan yang dibina di tepi Southeastern Ocean ni sejauh 243KM. Admin plan just drive from starting point of great ocean road sampai lah ke Port Campbell sahaja, stay one night di Port Campbell pastu besok pagi we check out and go for another long roatrip.

so admin suggest driving seawal selepas subuh dari Melbourne ke Great Ocean Road. So we can maximise our time dari terbazir di jalan jadi kita jalan awal sampai pun awal and our goal pun achieve semua…hows that?..good?

Melbourne city —-> Memorial Arc (Great Ocean Road)


Click For Map –>

So ya as i mention above, the best time to take off is after solat subuh, so we will driving with sun still not rise and i can feel the coldness breeze outside the window already take around 2 hour to get here. Memorial arc is the starting point of Great Ocean Rod so there is beautiful landmark here we can visit and i read some of the blog you can have breakfast here too because there is alot of restourant in here..

Memorial Arc —>  Teddy Lookout

it takes about 18 minit from memorial arc to here, its a lookout and yeah its one of the recommendation for a yeah why not..and yes becarefull when driving next to the ocean the road most definitely windy and just becarefull

Teddy Lookout —> Kennett River Koala Walk


Click For Map –>

From what i have search this is the place to see the wild Koala. If you want to experience and seeing Koala in the wild this should be on you stop list. Its once and lifetime experience and mungkin feeling dia berbeza banding koala yang ada di zoo haha

Kennett River Koala Walk —> Cape Patton

Another 7 minute driving, tidak jauh sangat. macam saya cakap sebelum ni tempat tempat attraction ni berdekatan, so we just need to be aware where we wanna go.well maybe we can stop a few minute and take picture and enjoy the view.

Cape Patton Lookout —> Carriss Brook Waterfall


Click For Map –>

Selepas berhenti di cape patton kita akan driving lebih kurang dalam 10minit dan hiking dalam 10minit jugak lepas tu jumpa lah carriss brook waterfall. this going to be once in a life time experience so i hope you understand of my hectic itinerary haha..

Carriss Brook Waterfall —> Cape Otway


Click For Map –>

From the picture that i see, it is beautiful. the light house tersergam indah berlatar belakang Southeastern Ocean and admin boleh rasa angin mesti sangat kuat di sini ye lah tepi laut kot…Dont worry guyz i will be making a short version of itinerary kat bawah post ni…like isaid before this is more of explaining things so you will get the better picture of what am i talking about.alright?

Cape Otway —> The Twelve Apostles


Click For Map –>

Nahhh the star of this trip, so pergi jauh jauh driving ni sebab nak tgk The famous twelve Apostles ni lah, Sanggup driving jauh just to witness this amazing creation of Allah. Make sure ask your friends to take picture of you nice nice ya haha…but if you want to you can walk to gibson beach steps to go down to the maybe takes a couple of minute but hey take your time and enjoy the view…

The Twelve Apostles – Tom and Eva Lookout/ Lord Arc George/ London Bridge


Click For Map –>

Alright this 3 place is also one of the top recommendation to stop, but im afraid we dont have much time because admin mau focus untuk lebih lama di Twelve appostles tunggu sunset untuk tangkap gambar, but yeah those three places is also beautiful especially the lord arc george.well since i cant decide here why not you and your group decide what to do so you know what best for your trip..alright….

So admin will end the day 4 punya trip by going to Port Campbell for one night stay before going for another road trip tomorow morning. i’ve looking for the airbnb in here and yes it is affordable so i think this will not be a problem for your guyz too. Maybe that night we can sleep early so that we will have fresh mind when driving early in the morning to Mount Buller

Day 5 Road trip to Mount Buller

so another long drive from Port Campbell to Mount Buller, it takes about 6 hour drive without stop, for this trip admin decide not to singah mana mana sebab takut tidak cukup masa di Mt Buller, we might stop for gas and toilet but mainly focus on getting to the destination. Fun Fact about Mt Buller you actually can skiing there, on june to august is the winter season. so plan well your trip ya guyz. haha. Mt Buller is 1805 above sea level, its not that high but since it is located south australia then this place is very cold. it did get snow here.

Entry to the skii resort is about aud $60 per vehicle but if you book online it can be as cheap $48 only. so book wisely guyz do everything online these day so you can get the best deal possible. Admin belom pernah lagi ada experience skiing so yeah why not right??..haha..and because we are going to extreme cold place then we need a proper cloth for this bring you thick winter jacket ok.

Day 6 Back to CBD

So ussually hari hari terakhir percutian ni admin make my itinerary is as santai as possible to relaks and yeah enjoy a bit, not rushing and everything. From Mount Buller to CBD it takes about 3jam lebih, so yeah maybe along the way and im sure there will be like a lot of good place to stop. Because we are driving on the National Park possible passing through waterfall and iconic places so yeah we will make a stop. Like i said just now, last day of the trip i will make it so relaks and upon arriving to our last stay usually admin akan ambil masa untuk jalan sekeliling look around for souvenir shop untuk d bawa balik. shopping sikit sikit mana tahu belom cukup lagi shopping hari pertama sampai haha…

Haha walaupun admin tulis itinerary ni sekarang tapi rasa excited to macam membuak buak sudah haha, i really hope next year we all can travel already..and i will be so much happy if you want to use this itinerary too, its free of charge. But off coz its not perfect, do check the time and places so that you will have a smoother trip. so with that thanks a million sebab baca sampai ke bawah ni and if you think this is very usefull or you know someone that want to travel to melbourne or maybe Melbourne is your next destination feel free to use this itinerary and please share this to your friends. As i promise below is the simple itinerary and i will put suggestion time too. Bye semua…

Day 1 – Melbourne Central business District “CBD”

– Stay at Airbnb Located in CBD
– 5am Wake up. Solat Subuh/Breakfast/Short Walk outside for fresh air
– 8am go to Federation Square
– 9am go to ACMI (Australian Centre For The Moving Image) & The Ian Potter Centre
– 10am go to Hosier Lane
– 11am go to Manchester Unity Building & Melbourne Town Hall
– 12pm Lunch Break
– 1pm go to Melbourne River Cruises
– 3pm go to Kings Domain
– 4pm go to Eureka Skydeck watching sunset from up above
– 6pm Back to Airbnb, Solat, take a bath
– 8pm Go Dinner
– 10pm City Sight Seing at night
– 11pm Back to Airbnb

Day 2 – Melbourne Central business District “CBD”

– Still stay at Airbnb Located in CBD
– 5am Wake up. Solat Subuh/Breakfast/Short Walk outside for fresh air
– 7am go to Queen Victoria Market/shopping
– 9.30am go to Melbourne Museum
– 12pm go to ChinaTown open 24 hour/ Lunch
– 2pm go to state library Victoria dan The Melbourne Central Clock/next to each other
– 4pm go to Emporium Melbourne Shopping Mall/free to do anything/shopping/sight seing/dinner
– 7pm Back to Airbnb, Solat, take a bath
– 9pm Walk around/sight seing/waterfront
– 10pm back to Airbnb

Day 3 – Melbourne Central business District “CBD”

– Still stay at Airbnb Located in CBD
– 5am Wake up. Solat Subuh/Breakfast/Short Walk outside for fresh air
– 6am go to nearest park for morning activity
– 7am back to Airbnb to freshn up
– 8am go to Melbourne International Airport to pick up car Rental
– 9am go to Melbourne Zoo
– 12pm lunch
– 1pm back to Airbnb
– 2pm go to Brighton Beach
– 7pm back to Airbnb/Take a bath/Solat
– 8pm out for Dinner
– 10pm Back to Airbnb

Day 4 – Roadtrip Melbourne to Port Campbell (Great Ocean Road)

– 3.30am wake up/pack up/breakfast/solat subuh
– 4.30am start our roadtrip to Memorial Arc (start point Great Ocean Road)
– 6.30am Arrive at Memorial Arc/Breakfast/TakePicture
– 7.30am Teddy Look Out
– 8am Kennett River Koala Walk
– 9am Cape Patton
– 9.30 Carriss Brook Waterfall
– 10.30am Cape otway
– 12pm lunch
– 2pm London Bridge
– 2.30pm Tom and Eva Lookout/ Lord Arc George
– 4pm The twelve Apostles Lookout
– 6pm go to Port Campbell to check in the AirBnb/take a bath/solat
– 8pm Go out dinner
– 10pm Back to airbnb/Sleep

Day 5 – Roadtrip to Mount Buller

– 2am wake up and get ready
– 3am start our journey to Mount Buller for 6 Hour driving /no stop/stop for gas toilet and food
– 9am Arive at Mt Buller
– 10am check in the accomadtion
– 11am exploring the area
– 12pm lunch
– 1pm snow activity, skiing/playing with snow
– 2pm skiing
– 3pm skiing
– 4pm skiing
– 5pm skiing
– 6pm going back to the hotel, solat
– 8pm eating warm meal
– 10pm sleep

Day 6 – back to Melbourne

– 6am wake up solat subuh breakfast
– 7am do any snow activity
– 9am back to the hotel get ready to check out
– 11am start our journey back to Melbourne CBD for our last day Airbnb
– 1pm lunch
– 4pm arive Melbourne CBD at airbnb
– 5pm free activity exploring around
– 10pm back to airbnb/pack our bag/sleep

Day 7 – Last day Back to Malaysia

– 6am wake up/solat subuh/breakfast/pack up bag
– 8am check out and heading to Melbourne International Airport to Droff off the rental car
– 10am check in to our flight back to Malaysia