iOS 14


written by Azlan Said

iOS 14 iPhone OS

hellooo apple fan, so recent WWDC june 22nd, apple just reveal the brand new ios14 that everyone talking about and looking forward to.. its been quite some time since we see a few rumour video and leak picture about it over the internet and everyone seem so very excited about it…well the first look at it, personally it look smooth, nice ui , nice widget and still preserve the apple standard look which is good…i know every android fan will troll about it but nah i dont care haha…

so in this post, i will be summarize what tim cook has to say on the WWDC 2020 keynote, as excited like he is, the official iPhone OS or iOS14 will be available this coming september, but if you have a developer account you can download the beta version.

so ios14 is basically having more with new widget you can add in your home screen, picture to picture function.and ya i know This feature is already on android way way long ago if i must say so, but here is the thing, if you are apple user, having this thing will be like so much fun and every iphone user will be freaking excited about this

i think picture in picture function is the most function that im waiting for, im just so sad why they took this so long to have that in previous iOS…

when someone calling you it will not take the entire screen but just like a small widget and thats good..

to those who use imessage alot then you can have a brand new function esp on group messages, new sticker and new memoji add up detail such as age,and you can add facemask too…but for someone who comunicate mostly with whatsapp this will not be significant.

map also updated esp for those who using bike as their transportation and for those who use electric car, apple add up info on the map where you can charge ur tesla..

now apple have translate app just like google translate app, it should be good..oh i hope so! haha..siri also have brand new design and ya for a person who have accent when converse in english siri is the last option you can use to help you if you cant use your finger..haha

to those who drive BMW you can use iphone as your car key, and that should be usefull for me hahaha…car play, apple tv, apple airpods also getting an update

and that is basically what iPhone OS or iOS14 have once it available, and i believe at the first week of the iOS, there will be like a lot of bug, problem that everyone facing, like previous update to iOS 13 before. but offcoz apple will having bug updates and usually it will takes a few bug updates to make the iOS stable.

i think ya that’s all for iPhone OS, other update on other apple device is also available, update on iPad, Apple Watch. ohh ya any iPhone using iOS 13 will get the iOS 14, so if your iphone dont have iOS 13 which is iphone 6 below, then you will not getting this update..

so apple no more using intel chip and in the future apple will using apple own chip, maybe its a good thing or it can be turn out worst. haha. so Mac OS also having update, from catalina now they calling Mac OS Big Sur..i cant wait for that…

and i’ll be sign off for now, if you like this post hit that share button and comment down below, what you think about this iOS 14?are you excited about it???…

disclaimer : all picture using in this post is from apple website


Tips untuk kaki travel bajet dalam group part 2


written by Azlan Said

Tips Untuk Kaki Travel Budget Dalam Group Part 2

Hi Assalamualaikum semua.. so this is Part 2 of the previous post, so tanpa membuang masa lets continue to tips No 6.

6. Bring Your Own Small BagPack Or Sling Bag

Ya some of us love to bring lot of thing but tidak suka bawa beg? yang jadi mangsa org yg bawa beg, bagi masuk botol minuman sy d beg kau,tumpang drone di beg kau,tumpang make up bag tmpt kau,tumpang power bank tempat kau,tumpang pempers d beg kau?..ehh hahaha…amboii senang betul kau order keldai bawa pigi travel sekali…plzz guyz bring your own bag, don’t do that to your kwn travel..ya lah kadang2 kita ni tidak jgk berkira ok jgk, tapi kalau kau sdh jalan kaki mau 3km kwn kau lengang2 jln depan kau, kau sana mcm keldai nda cukup air bw barang..soooo?kalau fhm kan senang…

7. Picture 1 2 3….

So, siapa travel tidak mau ambik gambar?plz angkat tangan?..tiada kan?..semua pn mau begambar…semua pun mau simpan sebagai kenangan di hari tua…giteww…picture of the day utk instagram post, facebook post semua lah…ahhh itu belom lg yang gila mau rakam vlog..ook this no 7 kita focus on taking picture..plz guyz kalau tngkap gmbr tu..tngkp gmbr dengan ikhlas hahaha…klu tidak cantik you ask ur frens to pose again…sdh smpi jauh jauh then gmbr mcm org tahan berak…so win win situation…I know some people sgt cerewet when come to taking picture, but you will learn from your travelling day and you will know what your friends like ms ambik gmbr.…tapi kalau tlampau over begambar smpi gangu kamu pnya timing utk next destination then alarm your group you need to catch time or paling bagus set a time utk begambar bila sampai..

8. Follow The Rules

If you are travelling to foreign country, tolong hormat and ikut Negara orang punya peraturan, we are pelancong and we are most likely to be known as ambassador/duta for Malaysia. Do you want to be label as ohh Malaysian tourist is so pengotor very rude reckless driver all that you want that?..i know deep in your heart nah who cares?we are likely only contribute 1 percent of whole Malaysian why should I bother…oh ya? Cuba kau ada rumah org kasi kotor rumah kau?kau ada kereta sewa org kasi kemek kereta kau?kau bother ka tidak?..same goes when you are travelling, sometime we are staying at AIRBNB house or hostel,if the house rules said no make noise,no smooking, no litter anywhere ..simple bah tu just follow the rules..or if you are renting a car, plz follow the road regulation,simple as follow the speed limit,give signal when turning,tdk memotong ngn reckless all that stuff like you do in Malaysia.plzz follow the rules because between your group someone credit card, someone passport, some one ID yang kamu guna untuk sewa tu rumah kereta or even klu something happen due to breaking the rules tu nah orang kena pakai credit card nya utk register tu kena charge or fined or worst dpt saman dari authorities..unless kau ada credit card sendiri pakai sendiri then kau buat apa suka…I know maybe most of the time we get away from it but somehow your lucky day not going to stick with you forever…so plz foloow the rules..

9. Plan Your Travel

Plz pick a time and do a meet up in your group untuk discuss apa aktiviti yang perlu di buat ms travelling nanti. So everyone will comes up with an idea apa yang korang suka makan, aktiviti,shoping and bnyk in your meeting you can siapkan all the ittenerary while kamu di sana, so travelling kamu akan lebih smooth without pening mana mau makan what to eat and stuff..for example when come to eat everyone taste of food is maybe different, so if someone suggesting a restaurant to eat and you don’t feel it but your friend excited to go, plz don’t give that I piss on my pants look?muka tekencing dlm seluar?..plz don’t do that just go there enjoy and tell them ok next we go to my place plak..ahh mcm tu…don’t stop any of your friends if they want to go to club,go to massage,go to holy place to pray,just don’t stop them and don’t long as you know how to take care of yourself then all good…and ya create a whats app group,so you can update anything and add anything you wanna do.

10. Travel Experience

11. Jangan Lupa Ole-Ole

Bila kita di Negara orang, we observe, we learn orang lain punya culture, we experience tempat orang. When going to places try to enjoy the view and free your mind, look around you,be amazed..Sebab apa..when you are going back to Malaysia to your hometown those experience those pengalaman yang baik kita ikut jadikan tauladan…ya kita pergi Negara orang sgt amazed ngan dorg punya kebersihan, how they do it how they manage to do that?mesti something kan?..ussually cara dorg di life teach them since the very beninging lagi parents sdh show them how to respect,follow the rules and responsibility towards surrounding every travel experience to make it as your learning point in life then at the end of the day, you going to wake up and cant wait for another adventure.

Ahhh ni lah comment yang paling ko selalu dpt selepas ko post d fb, di ig kau di luar Negara..”jgn lupa ole ole” hahaha ini terpulang lah…masing2 kan…klu ada duit extra why not beli la key chain ka?fridge magnet ka?..anything yang ko mampu..and tidak ambik so much space bila packing barang nnti…hehehe..but seperti yang tajuk saya tulis ni travel budget kan, klu ko rasa ole ole ni membebankan atau lari budget then no need to buy,sbb you have to think abt yourself first, sbb kamu yang di luar Negara if something happen then siapa mau tolong?..but then again ole ole ni selalu nya murah2 jugak kan…hehehe so its up to you guyz…hahaha..

okay..thats the end of this thread, this whole thread is not to mean to stop you from having fun, you do just giving out some experience on situation that we have facing while traveling..and again whatever happen to me is not necessary going to happen to you and this is not vital, you can improvise or try and error so that your travel experience will be the best one you ever have in your life. and if you have anything you want to add please do comment down below and if you think this thread is somehow helping you are free to share this post to any social media you have…okay… xoxo


Tips untuk kaki travel bajet dalam group Part 1


written by Azlan Said

Tips Untuk Kaki Travel Budget Dalam Group Part 1

Hi Assalamualaikum semua, well im here to share some tips and tricks that I learn while travelling. So sedikit experience ni mungkin saya boleh share ngan kamu at least maybe it can help you at some point, I know my travel experience might be different between us but at least you get an idea how I done it..

But this tips only for those yang pergi bercuti ngan kawan kawan, it could be your childhood friend, friends kat tempat kerja or even friends membawang..hahaha so maybe what I share here usefull for you and whoever reading this threads..dan untuk mereka yang travel in budget, low bdget or ngam ngam budget..ah this kind of group yang saya focus. If you are traveling with flight return first class don’t even bother to read this threads..ok?hehe

This idea or opinion solely from me, and ya maybe saya ada terbaca tips tips dari blog orang lain, so I will copy it here also and based on my sedikit punya experience travelling…so fair enough kan…im not going to brag myself that I been here and there, bukan untuk tembirang ka apa? sedar diri sendiri ok…bcuz I know ada orang lain lg yang sdh travel merata dunia..i write this because i want to share my experience that mungkin usefull utk korang di luar sana…ok lets start this…

1. Declare your Budget

What I mean declare tu bukan mcm kau declare income kau kat kastam…hahaha…well it basicly how much kau bawa di sana or more like mcm I cannot afford fancy restaurant, mkn mahal mahal, shoping and stuff..tell your group at least an idea how your budget going to be while traveling with them…sebab usually before travel pun tiket return and hotel/hostel sdh settle semua sdh basicly just tell your group what budget you have left utk percutian seminggu contohnya…why?so group kamu can at least decide what activity yang kamu mahu buat, activity yg involve ticket entrance or something like that?..klu ko jujur well I guess kwn2 kau pn tidak lah berkira sangat to you sama2 keluarkan duit utk kau enjoy the activity..and yes lepas tu boleh think of others free activity win win kan?..

2. Data Roaming

Plz ini sangat sensitive..hahaha…kamu tahu lah kan skg ni semua dunia social media, you need to have conection like 24/7 so that you can update what you doing to your family and friends back what I mean here is..have a courtersy untuk apply your own Internet Data Roaming or at least beli lah simkad di mn mn kamu mendarat..i know some of us tidak kisah pun share2 date,hotspot or anything..but nama pun travel budget have a resposonsiblitiy to yourself,make this as one of important thing so at the end of the day tiada yang muka masam data dia habis gara2 kau live facebook guna hotspot orang..

3. What to eat??.. Halal Food and Non Halal Food

Okay this is simple, what to eat? offcoz lah klu sdh budgjet,assign setiap ahli dlm group utk pack instant food,mknan dalam tin, minuman 3 in 1,biskut coklat kropok and all..ya lah everyone kena pack brg and shove it dlm luggage kamuorg kan,so klu assign stiap satu at least tidak lah beban sorg sj bawa…this tips at least save you in so many way,for example at night lapar,then mkn lah makanan yg kamu tapau tu hehe…ok next….klu dalam group kamu tu ada kawan mahu makan babi infront of you, let them be..its not like you going to makan jugak kan…respect them and they will respect you..atau klu kau duduk semeja and kawan order non halal food and you feel not comfortable just politely tell them ok enjoy your food saya mau jln2 dulu di luar sbb ada sy Nampak kedai yg best sana…tell them politely matang bah kan taw lah mcm mn mau ckp…hehehe…and for non muslim friends plz jugak lah faham, Non Halal food not solely hanya untuk babi saja..haha..klu ayam kambing lembu semua tu tidak di sembelih dlm cara islam then itu pun di kategori jugak sebagai tidak halal..okay?…so jangan paksa kwn kwn ko yg muslim makan nah ni restoran tiada babi jom makan sini…plz understand this situation…let them decide what they want to eat…if we respect each other mesti enjoy ja ni smpi hari balik…

4. Order Your Own Food / Groceries

Okay sebab kita dlm travel budjet so semua pn mau berkira kan…bukan berkira in the bad way but berkira becoz of your situation..ok bila masa makan and ordering in the fast food restaurant plz you pay what you order only..jgn biasakan ok kau bayar dulu nanti aku bayar balik, NO NO NO don’t do that..remember we are in budget traveling? ur own things and after that baru kita enjoy sama sama apa yg kita beli…itu lagi best…sebab apa nanti bila in the end of the trip we don’t know how much we owe to each other..hey don’t play play with money you know…ini bikin begaduh ni…so klu mau ada next trip with the same group plzz do this….hahaha…BUT BUT this back to NO 1 if you honestly declare what your budget left I guess nobody really berkira ngan kau when comes to NO 1 is very important..contribution/sumbangan also key to success trip, tidak semestinya contribute duit,well it’s a plus if you do that,but what I mean is bila kamu memasak jgn lah jadi tukang makan jak?..pandai2 la cuci piring ka bg ready meja ka…lagi contoh,if you are renting a car,plz ready with the insomniac driver haha sometime long roadtrip perlu ada driver yg tahan dari mengantuk hahaha…jgn lah semua membongkang dlm kereta kasi kawan org memandu..kesian driver and tukar2 driver is the best contribution penting ok

5. Newbie Traveler VS Otai Traveler

To be continue……………..

There is no such thing, sama ada kau baru atau bnyk kali sdh travel..ya mmg lah klu bnyk kali sdh travel at least you have experience and we grow and learn from it..but when come to travel in group be consider. Plz have open minded, sama sama settle problem,kalau kita sesat don’t blame each other..sudah nama nya travel,its not your place,it’s a new place for all of you, so its normal bah kalau sesat. Don’t have that look towards your friends mcm dorg buat dosa besar betul kalau sesat…kalau something not going as your plan then jgn lah marah org yang plan tu travel, sama sama geng settle problem…then for sure you will be enjoying that holiday for sure..

Alright guyz, i will be continue this post on my next post which is the Part 2 of tips untuk kaki travel budget dalam group.. i really really hope what ever im sharing here could somehow help you or give you an idea what to do on your next travel trip..and i always saying this to anyone the only time you get to know enormously your travel friends either bad or not “haha”. so once again thanks for stoping by and make sure click next thread for another 6 tips and trick untuk kaki travel budget dalam group… thank you xoxo