Top 10 Places i Wanna Go Before i Die

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written by Azlan Said

Top 10 Places i Wanna Go Before i Die

Hello everyone,Assalamualaikum how do guys doing?. i hope you guyz all doing great. So ya anyway this is another blog or thread of 10 places i wanna go before i die. haha. although the title is a little depressing but i dont wanna talk about depressing thing on this post,the words is just like a metaphor for me to work even harder to achieve my goal. Even if this will not ever going to happen but at least i have set a dream to enjoy every time i want to close my eyes every night. giteww!! but at the same this blog will maybe or perhaps give you an idea wow i never knew the existing of this beautiful places, and yes if you think the same way, i think it wouldn’t hurt anyone by making this list. so lets jump in to the thread.

No 1. Mecca The Forbidden city

As a muslim, this will be your ultimate goal in order to fulfill the five pillars of islam. Although it depends on your financial ability then you are required to do so..I believe without hesitation every muslim on the face of earth will say they want to go to Mecca at least once in thier life. Every time im seeing a picture of beautiful Kaabah, my heart be like “oh my god im missing this place so much although i never been there”.have you feeling the same way like this? i know right??Masyallah!!..i cant even believe how peaceful that would be to pray over there. i really hope and pray may Allah ease all of us and give the ability to go there right on your financial, your health and the time.

No 2. South Island, New Zealand

i would impose Lord Of The Ring movie to be blame on this one, since my childhood after watching the LOTR movie i feel like wow, thats another heaven on earth. Looking at the never ending mountain with the spread of white snow from afar is like a dream that i dont want to wake up to. Even just looking at any video on youtube showing New Zealand i literally can fell the cold breeze air on my lung. If this dream going to happen, i have plan that i will be renting a camper van and drive around the south island for maybe at least a month, and experience the heaven on earth. sleeping under the beautiful star, waking up to a fresh air and feeling the heat of sunrise arising over the mountain, sipping the hot coffee to overcome the cold air, and lay down to look at the cloud chasing each other in the blue sky. How can you not dreaming of that?..haha sorry im soft!!so would you be joining me exploring new zealand?

No 3. Banff National Park, Canada

Man, im obses with mountain, blue lakes, Tall pine tree, blue sky and the list is go on. Since youtube introduce me with van life, camper van life, rv life the american and canadian youtuber, taking advantage on beautiful Banff National Park. i Just discover this beautiful place on 2020 while i been using the beautiful blue Moraine lakes desktop wallpaper on my macbook since i cant even remember. This beautiful places is always been infront of my eyes and i dont even know it, what a mystery just eager to be discover. But im glad i finally getting to know this beautiful places, although this is my no 3 list, i dont putting too much hope this going to happen because im broke hahaha…but amen may Allah ease my dream and get a chance to live this dream.

No 4. Istanbul, Turkey

After my sister come back from her Umrah, they have detour to Istanbul Turkey. Looking at their picture of the beautiful Blue Masjid, Hagia Sophia Masjid and the beautiful historical places in Istanbul makes me wanna go there experience myself. From Byzantium empire to Roman Empire to Ottoman Empire, surely Istanbul is rich of beautiful culture inside there to be discover. The beautiful historical building always amaze me, and the city which majority of muslim, i feel so eager to come there and learn the culture as it what it makes most of us today. Turkey is the country that consist of Asia and Europe, this cultural collision what makes Istanbul stand out among the most diversify cultural city ever exist. Mind you if you are fan of ASMR massage you will definitely come across this ASMR Anik Cakmak youtube channel, because of him i wanna go there and experience this soothing massage,the turkish bath or hammam. call me crazy haha but i really wanna do that, well ya after explore around the city, having a good massage after that is a must.

No 5, Northern Lights.

Just imagine when you get out from your house and you look above the sky you see the aurora light dancing among the star, the beautiful neon light moving along with the silence music of the darkness night, that easily steal your breath away. and yes there is no wrong giving your imagination to the next level of pure jealousy to those who is now living in the northern side of the earth. Among those country are Canada, Iceland, Norway, Alaska, sweden, Greenland and Finland which closer to artic cirlce. i totally jealous of you guyz who staying there and stay mesmerize every night with that beautiful northern star. If i have to choose i probably go to Iceland or sweden, because the country is simply beautiful and i wanna go there before i die. Dont get me wrong other list country is beautiful too.

No 6, Switzerland

Last year my friend ask me to make an itinerary for his trip to France and Switzerland. well because im so excited for his trip i jump to my macbook and start researching. it take me about 2 3 days to search and stumble into a whole bunch of good stuff Switzerland could offer. well ya i do research about france too, but the city of romance didnt give me so much impact beside than false expectation everytime you visit france, well this offcoz based on people blog and youtube vlog,and so france never come across in my mind to visit. But Switzerland that excited me the most. ya i always knew Switzerland is a beautiful country, surround with amazing mountain, beautiful scenery, people and i think the greenest grass you could ever see on the planet. From Zurich to Geneva, back to Interlaken straight to Greenwald then to Lauterbrunnen, you just cant get enough with what this places could offer you. Just to name a few there is still a lot of places i could discover and i feel like i wont close my eyes even for a second, cuz im afraid i will blinded with dissatisfaction.

No 7, New York City, USA

As soon as my plane landed in John F Kennedy International Airport New York, Im going to listen “Welcome To New York” by Taylor Swift on repeat while staring outside my windows seat, and let the city wake me up from my dream.I could easily imagine this and dreaming with a smile on my face with my eyes close. Thanks to Youtuber Eric Conover, Sara dietchy,Action kids and last but not least Casey neistat for showing me New York on your vlog. The city that never sleep, the most multi cultural hub you could ever found on the planet, the neon light that never stop advertising your needs, lost intentionally like Kevin Mccalister from central park to times square, all this memory feel like real but yet to happen. Thats why New York city is the place i wanna go before i die.

No 8, Tokyo, Japan

OMG even mentioning the name “Tokyo”, i already dreaming of me lost in direction, mute in translation, drunk in ever symmetric building, road and sign, and probably blinded with the 10 years advance culture ahead from us and the rest of the world. Who could ever forget the scene in the fast and the furious : Tokyo Drift where the car is drifting in the most busiest intersection in the world,Shibuya Crossing. I feel like every one in tokyo have their own responsibility to make the Shibuya Crossing busy and i feel like its their routine everyday to keep that title. Apart from 10 years ahead from the rest of us in term of technology but you probably know japanese taking good care of their culture. From food to fashion back to architecture, in slight glance you know when you see something out of extraordinary, its japan. Thats how powerful this country is, how can you dont wanna go here and experience it yourself, so that’s why tokyo japan made to the list.

No 9, a Trip to Balkans Countries

What is the Balkan countries? its knows as the Balkan Peninsula and stated in Southeastern Europe. and it consist of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. if i have money and time, i will definitely do a round trip to this country fully. Seeing my friend travel and doing solo girl trip to Balkans country almost like choking me with shame, they can do it and enjoy the trip while im here worrying about my safety.haha. So i have decide Balkans countries will be on my list, places that i wanna go before i die.. Have you seen the old architecture building, a very goth like castle where the vampire waiting for you knocking the handle knob and invite you in with fangs hiden inside his seductive smile. i will definitely want to experience that before i die.

No 10, a Trip to Europe City

London, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon and Dublin. This a among the major city in Europe. i do seeing someone doing all around trip between this country, and they does inspire me to do the same if i have a lot of money.haha. well you know you just dont know what your future hold, so keep on dreaming thats why this is the places i wanna go before i die. if i want this trip to become reality i would just pack one backpack, my camera a few of my shirt, book a flight and go. Let time and my dream show me the way. Can you imagine that?. i know it sound crazy and scary at the same time, traveling alone with no one to rely to except yourself. i think when you are alone in foreign country, automatically survival mode is switch on, you’ll be aware everything surround you either its good or bad, and making mistake is the way to learn from this life. So i think by doing this trip is much like a life lesson that everyone should have.wouldn’t you?

So ya, thats the end of this post. I know maybe in the future this list might be changing or i dont know maybe i dont even like them anymore, so it depends on what might showing in my time line the future. So ya everyone is entitled to give opinion on this, but im not welcome hate comment or just even negative vibe to here. Just be happy for me okay, even though this is probably genuinely impossible to coming true, but like i said, you just dont know what you might have in the future. And if you think we have the same dream share this with your friends and family or your travel buddy for that matter. thanks again for reading this blog and thank you very much for even reading till the end of this blog.


Pengalaman Memandu 450km Dari Perth Ke Albany


written by Azlan Said

Pengalaman Memandu 450km Dari Perth Ke Albany

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua. Admin harap semua nya berada dalam keadaan yang sihat walafiat di samping keadaan semasa yang masih lagi berisiko untuk kita semua menjalani kehidupan seperti biasa. Jadi kalau keluar jangan lupa SOP dan yang paling penting untuk senantiasa memakai face mask, kerana nilai muka anda berharga rm1000. ok untuk blog kali ni, admin ingin berkongsi pengalaman admin memandu sejauh 450km di negara yang terkenal dengan kanggaro ni, pemanduan lebih kurang selama 5-6 jam ni daripada kota raya perth ke Albany National Park iaitu bahagian Western Australia.

Sebenarnya trip ni admin buat pada tahun 2017 bulan Oktober 3 hari selepas hari jadi admin. Untuk Perth trip ni, admin sangat gembira sebab kami masukan albany di dalam itinerary perjalanan kami, little that we know Albany ni sangat cantik dan terkenal dengan pemandangan semula jadi, Albany juga yang di kenali sebagai Rainbow Coast memang sesuai dengan gelaran tersebut, kerana air biru lautan hindi mengelilingi persisiran laut kota Albany. Natural Rock formation hasil dari ombak ombak lautan hindi jutaan tahun lepas menjadi tarikan utama untuk sesiapa yang bercadang untuk datang ke Albany Torrndirup National Park.

Memandangkan perjalanan memakan masa dalam 5 jam, kami memulakan perjalanan sekitar jam 4 pagi, berlepas dari rumah AirBnB yang kami sewa, selepas bersarapan kami terus packing barang masuk dalam kereta dan memulakan perjalanan. Keadaan yang sejuk buat mata kami tetap segar sepanjang perjalanan. Untuk pengetahuan semua keadaan memandu di Malaysia dan Australia adalah sama, jadi tidak lah kekok untuk kami memandu di sini. Keadaan jalan yang tersangat-sangat lah baik juga melancarkan juga perjalanan kami, sepanjang perjalan, kami tidak jumpa pun jalan yang berlubang semua nya di selia dengan baik. Agaknya admin perlu contohi Australia dalam meenyediakan public fasality kepada rakyat. Untuk navigation kami menggunakan Waze untuk ke Albany, sangat mudah dah senang, kami memlilih untuk melalui jalan darat bukan tepi laut untuk menjimatkan masa dan minyak, admin tahu jalan di persisir pantai sangat cantik tapi sangat jauh, tapi admin rasa jalan country side pun sangat cantik, seluas mata memandang. BIla dah luas tu angin lintang pun ada jugak, kadang kereta admin terasa bergerak ke tengah di tolak angin, so becarefull ya.

Pemanduan selama lebih kurang sejam keadaan masih gelap, cuma lampu lampu jalan sahaja yang menerangi keadaan sepanjang perjalanan, dan lebih kurang dalam sejam itu juga kami meninggalkan kota perth dan mula melalui jalan yang cuma ada satu lorong. Tapi seperti admin cerita tadi, keadaan jalan sangat baik. Lebih kurang jam 6 pagi kami sampai pekan pertama, kelihatan seperti pekan cowboy, teratur, bersih dan sangat segara udara di sana. Kami berhenti untuk mengisi minyak kereta, kami cuma menyewa kereta toyota corrola just enough for me and my friend. Isi minyak pun cuma minyak Ron 91, harga minyak berbeza-beza, semakin jauh stesen minyak dari bandar semakin mahal lah harga, so kami decide untuk mengisi penuh.

Selepas sejam perjalanan dari hentian pertama tadi, kami melalui satu pekan kecil lagi, malangnya admin tidak ingat nama town tersebut, tapi sepanjang melalui jalan di sana kiri kanan adalah ladang ladang gandum yang seluas mata memandang, sangat cantik dan tenang hati melihat. Seperti yang admin cakap tadi, admin sangat kagum dengan keadaan yang sangat bersih di sini, i feel like everyone here hold thier own responsibilities to not litter anywhere.Sempat juga admin berhenti untuk menerbangkan drone admin, tapi keadaan footage drone sangat tidak berkualaiti sebab drone admin rosak jatuh di hari pertama di perth haha.

Sekitar jam 8 pagi kami melalui lagi satu town, dan kali ni kami amat terkejut sebab town yang kami lalui ni nama nya Beaufort, which is the name of my home town too. Jauh jauh jalan pun nama beaufort tetap ikut haha, kami berhenti untuk mengambil gambar juga sebagai kenangan. Keadaan jalan yang lurus kadang kadang buat pemandu mengantuk, kami bergilir gilir untuk menjadi pemandu. Admin juga perasaan most kereta yang kami nampak di perth ni, dekat belakang bawah bonet kereta ada cangkuk untuk tarik Caravan, budaya orang down under yang suka bercuti bersama keluarga dalam caravan sangat lah tidak asing di sini, dan sepanjang perjalanan jugak banyak tempat tempat rehat yang menyediakan parking untuk caravan.

Dalam jam 8.30pagi akhirnya kami tiba di Albany, Sampai sampai saja kami berada di kawasan tanah tinggi dan dari situ saja sudah nampak pekan, perumahan tepi laut, kapal yacht mewah berlabuh. Albany ni sudah di istihar sebagai bandar pada tahun 1998. Keadaan yang sangat tenang di sini membuat admin terfikir kalau ada duit, mahu saja untuk berpencen di sini. tapi itu cuma angan angan haha. Setiba nya kami di Albany, kami wonder around seolah sesat dengan kecantikan alam semulajadi di sini, rupanya lokasi yang kami tuju belom lagi sampai, makanya masa ada sedikit terbuang. Selepas berehat untuk makan kami terus ke Torndirrup National Park, dan park ni ada banyak attractions antara nya The Gap, Albany Wind Farm, Natural Bridge, Jimmy Newels Harbour, The Blowholes dan banyak lagi.

Attractions yang admin sebut di atas tu sajalah yang admin sempat lawat, sebenarnya semua pun berdekatan, the location is next to one another, so lepas lawat satu keluar masuk satu lagi so sangat convinient. tapi yang tak convinient tu bila sampai satu kawasan tu admin dan kawan admin memang out timing sebab tempat tu memang cantik and nak bergambar puas puas, especially the Gap and The BlowHoles tu. Ya Allah cantik sangat, tak dapat admin nak gambarkan. so sebab dah lebih masa tak dapat lah lawat semua attractions.

Admin sempat terbangkan drone di Albany wind farm, tapi tak tinggi sangat sebab angin kat sini sangat lah  kuat. Albany wind farm ini ada 18 kincir angin semua nya, tahu tak Albany wind farm ni membekalkan tenaga electric hampir 80% di seluruh Albany dari tahun 2001 lagi. Alternative power source ni memang sangat penting, lagi lagi tempat yang angin kencang ni. So maybe Malaysia should comes up with something like this, its effiecient and tidak merosakan keadaan semualjadi berbanding nak bina empangan habis hutan. Albany wind farm ni sangat luas, kami tak sempat round habis sebab nak kejar masa, bila tengok vlog orang lain rasa geram plak sebab tak sempat pergi pantai kat wind farm tu. Lepas tu jauh jauh jalan kat sini jumpa juga sekumpulan orang malaysia, what a small world.

So selepas Albany Wind Farm kami pun bersedia untuk balik, sebab dalam itinerary selepas ni kami akan ke Wave Rock, tapi bila cek Waze it is way over the time limit, kami tersalah plan untuk timing, ingat kan boleh cover 2 places in one day, kat itinerary betul sebab time calculation is from perth not from Albany, rasa sedih jugak sebab tomorow is our last day here, kalau kami paksa jugak pergi takut tak sempat masuk sebab sampai dalam around jam 6 petang, so we both decide ok lets head back to perth. On the way back to sempat jugak berhenti makan, admin makan meggi je yang admin bawa, minta air panas kat gerai yang kami singgah, kawan beli jer makanan kat situ sebab dia non muslim. sempat juga tanya ada tak winery yang kami boleh singgah, pakcik tu cakap ada tapi kami tak jumpa hahaha, so direct balik terus.

Post instagram kat sebelah ni lah waverock yang tak dapat pergi tu, cantik kan..tapi sedih tak dapat pegi..its ok insyallah next time.

So i think thats all for now, full vlog in my youtube channel i will put the link down below. So pengalaman admin memandu di negara Australia ni bagi admin membuka mata admin lah, negara maju mcm ni hujung pelusuk kampung negara diorang pun facility sangat baik, orang kampung atau those people yang live at country side, still dapat jalan raya yang cukup baik. itu yang admin betul-betul nampak keadaan di sini, dalam hati admin berfikir mungkin wakil rakyat kat sini buat kerja dan tiada rasuah. Jadi semua duit peruntukan untuk kemajuan sampai di gunakan secara sempurna, kat Malaysia jangan cakap lah. Sedih geng. Dan lagi orang orang sini civic dorang sangat tinggi, kebersihan tu macam wajib untuk dorang, follow the rules, i think most of them follow esp kat jalan tu, elok je bawa kereta, jumpa jugak kereta yang di bawa macam pelesit, bila potong tengok offcoz lah Malaysian. tengok je tahu muka orang malaysia ,i dont need to specify how they look like but i know.haha.

Anyway thanks for anyone yang sampai baca ayat yang kat bawah bawah ni, rajin nau kau membaca yer. haha..kalau ada apa apa nak tanya, silakan comment kat bawah yer. Bye Assalamualaikum.


CoronaVirus Update Live Worldwide Statistic


written by Azlan Said


“What we seeing being successful are the fundamentals of public health..” – Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead, World Health Organization, infectious disease epidemiologist.

If one thing that can stop the spread of Covid-19, is actually US. from where this all begin to a step where we understand and acknowledge about the deadly virus, we should be aware and react about it in most effective way possible.

It start with how we should be responsible for our self on our daily basis routine. By taking good care of our life start with good hygiene, appropriate social distance and avoided crowded place is the most basic way on how to prevent the virus.

i believe if all of us doing this, i think we can stop the virus.  if we have the accountable on following the rules we should be seeing the great result at the end, i make this post on what is the current worldwide statistic of coronavirus. Feel free to check on this live update from time to time.Thanks and be safe!


How To Claim ePenjana RM50 to e-wallet-Boost, MySejahtera


written by Azlan Said

How To Claim ePenjana RM50 to e-wallet-Boost, MySejahtera

Assalamualaikum and good day semua, harap semua dalam keadaan sihat dan jangan lupa SOP, penjarakan social, pakai facemask ke mana mana sahaja dan start 1 ogos sesiapa yang di dapati tidak mematuhi sop akan di kenakan denda, hati hati ya semua. Bagi admin tindakan kerajaan untuk membuat sop ni sangat perlu untuk memberhentikan penularan COVID-19.

So? kamu sudah claim ePenjana RM50?mari kita claim sama-sama. Tapi syarat utama mesti download apps MySejahtera, sudah atau belom? kalau belom kena download dulu ya. Anyway rujuk senarai di bawah, bagaimana cara untuk menuntut ePenjana RM50.

1. Syarat Kelayakan :

    * Anda sekurang-kurang nya berumur 18 tahun ke atas
    * Berpendapatan kurang RM100K setahun
    * Tempoh permohonan 31 julai 2020 – 24 september 2020
    * Tarikh akhir pengunaan 30 september 2020

2. Muat Turun Aplikasi MySejahtera

   * Anda perlu muat turun dan mendaftar aplikasi Mysejahtera untuk menuntut ePenjana RM50, Pendaftaran mestilah disahkan mengikut kad pengenalan anda

3. Muat Turun Aplikasi E-Wallet

     * Boost
     * Touch n Go
     * Grab
     * Anda boleh memilih 3 daripada e-wallet di atas untuk menuntut ePenjana anda

4. Boost e-wallet (pilihan admin)

    * Buka aplikasi Boost dan tekan Banner RM50 ePenjana (claim now)
    * Sediakan Kad pengenalan anda untuk di gambar
    * Rakam video selfie anda seperti dalam aplikasi
    * Submit dan bila permohonan di terima anda akan terima ePenjana RM50 (Rujuk Gambar)



Alright guyz, admin harap korang dah dapat tuntut ePenjana RM50 korang, korang claim lah kat e-wallet yang paling anda selalu guna, so point yang korang kumpul pun akan lebih banyak, sebab admin selalu guna boost so admin claim lah kat boost. anyway enjoy the rm50 and stay safe guyz..ingat patuhi sop..