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written by Azlan Said

German Sci-fi Netflix Series "Dark"

Assalamualaikum and good day semua, so untuk post kali ni, admin ingin review or more like berkongsi feeling?berkongsi rasa? on how i feel about this very popular German sci-fi Netflix Series called DARK. Ada siapa siapa yang sudah menonton series ni?.i bet and iam sure most of you have watch this series because its one of many top netflix series at the moment.and at the end of this post, admin jugak akan cakap apa yang admin tak faham, so maybe you can help me to understand what actually happen in the comment down below.


tapi sebelum admin menulis lebih lanjut, i promise you that i will not put any spoiler on this post, because i know how it feel when someone give you spoiler, so dont worry ya!admin baru saja rasa nya start menonton series dark ni, rasa nya during PKP, admin paksa diri untuk menonton series ni sebab tiada lagi yang best utk di tonton.


At first 2 episode this series is very hard to swallow but at the same time rasa untuk ingin tahu what gonna happen next to semakin kuat everytime episode tu habis. So start episode 3 admin sudah start addicted ngan series ni, i watch 3 episode perday and in no time i finish the whole season 1 in just 3 day. Rasanya sesiapa yang menonton series ni sebelum tidur malam kamu mesti berfikir who is who kan?..haha thats the beauty of this series, sometime admin datang migrain memikir who is who, ngan tahun tahun yang berbeza lagi.haha.


This series is all about time travel,if you watch movie like Avegers Infinity Wars and Endgame before, i bet you have!! duh then it will not hard for you to adopt the same concept of story line with the series. The catch is for this sci-fi series you have to look deep inside of the character each one of them on every time line. kalau kamu boleh catch every story line dari tahun yang berbeza then it is no hal for you to understand the story and you will addicted to this series for sure.


First season of Dark is the introduction of this whole mess, ada 10 episode each with 1 hour length, so first of all if you watching this series you have to be very specific on every detail of the character so that you will understand more. Sci-fi ni sangat interesting sebab it try to mess arund with you head, kamu mungkin berfikir and bertanya how that happen, eh wait ya its suppose to be like that? or ok skg aku confuse, hahaha…sometime it make you angry just to make youself understand about the admin dari season pertama penonton termasuk admin sendiri kita beria nak tahu what gonna happen kalau someone from the future stop that from to happen, but actually the series itself is telling us why this all happen over and over thats the mystery you have to solve on yourself.

For season 2 of Dark, the story line, the character both future,past and present is playing a big role on this season, the time line of the event is also crucial, you have to dig deep into all this craziness haha…tapi once you on it, percaya lah cakap admin while menonton and you got a text message on your phone, and when got disruption, kau akan sanggup rewind balik where is the last scene yang kau miss!! haha it happen to me quite a lot of time while watching this series..hahaha…because its crucial shit okay…

For season finally of dark, the ending of season 2 is already make you “shit what is going on? who is that?”. Then season 3 is the introduction of another mess for the series of another world dimension. okay im gonna stop right there, this will be like 1% of spoiler already. sorry!. but ya season 3 the character is getting more crazy then previous season, pendek kata lagi bikin migrain hahaha..but overall admin sangat berpuas hati ngan season finally ni, at least for me everyone is win, love is win again, and thats all matter. i know its mind blowing to think that how that happen, its like you are questioning what come first egg or chicken?..i think some charcther on this season have the same exact question who born first, the never ending loop time line is driving you nuts.hahaha…

on this post i will be showing you the family tree of all the character, so kamu lagi faham lebih senang jalan cerita series ni, wait its not a spoiler so dont worry.haha.i got this picture from one of the post in twitter, but it is not fully complete 100% but it gives you more understanding on what is going on?who is who? and what time it happen. i put the original photo link on the picture below.

so untuk conclusion, admin sangat sangat recommend utk kamu watch series ni.sangat berbaloi and totaly worth it. admin bagi 4.5/5 bintang sbb admin still kurang faham what is the point killing those children and regina husband alexander existance is from where?.i know hannah know his secret, but what secret that alexander keep and sanggup sacrifice anything to have his secret under the with that i will end this post, i really hope you enjoy the series and comment down below what you think about this series. Bye xoxo