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written by Azlan Said

iOS 14 iPhone OS

hellooo apple fan, so recent WWDC june 22nd, apple just reveal the brand new ios14 that everyone talking about and looking forward to.. its been quite some time since we see a few rumour video and leak picture about it over the internet and everyone seem so very excited about it…well the first look at it, personally it look smooth, nice ui , nice widget and still preserve the apple standard look which is good…i know every android fan will troll about it but nah i dont care haha…

so in this post, i will be summarize what tim cook has to say on the WWDC 2020 keynote, as excited like he is, the official iPhone OS or iOS14 will be available this coming september, but if you have a developer account you can download the beta version.

so ios14 is basically having more with new widget you can add in your home screen, picture to picture function.and ya i know This feature is already on android way way long ago if i must say so, but here is the thing, if you are apple user, having this thing will be like so much fun and every iphone user will be freaking excited about this

i think picture in picture function is the most function that im waiting for, im just so sad why they took this so long to have that in previous iOS…

when someone calling you it will not take the entire screen but just like a small widget and thats good..

to those who use imessage alot then you can have a brand new function esp on group messages, new sticker and new memoji add up detail such as age,and you can add facemask too…but for someone who comunicate mostly with whatsapp this will not be significant.

map also updated esp for those who using bike as their transportation and for those who use electric car, apple add up info on the map where you can charge ur tesla..

now apple have translate app just like google translate app, it should be good..oh i hope so! haha..siri also have brand new design and ya for a person who have accent when converse in english siri is the last option you can use to help you if you cant use your finger..haha

to those who drive BMW you can use iphone as your car key, and that should be usefull for me hahaha…car play, apple tv, apple airpods also getting an update

and that is basically what iPhone OS or iOS14 have once it available, and i believe at the first week of the iOS, there will be like a lot of bug, problem that everyone facing, like previous update to iOS 13 before. but offcoz apple will having bug updates and usually it will takes a few bug updates to make the iOS stable.

i think ya that’s all for iPhone OS, other update on other apple device is also available, update on iPad, Apple Watch. ohh ya any iPhone using iOS 13 will get the iOS 14, so if your iphone dont have iOS 13 which is iphone 6 below, then you will not getting this update..

so apple no more using intel chip and in the future apple will using apple own chip, maybe its a good thing or it can be turn out worst. haha. so Mac OS also having update, from catalina now they calling Mac OS Big Sur..i cant wait for that…

and i’ll be sign off for now, if you like this post hit that share button and comment down below, what you think about this iOS 14?are you excited about it???…

disclaimer : all picture using in this post is from apple website