CoronaVirus Update Live Worldwide Statistic


written by Azlan Said


“What we seeing being successful are the fundamentals of public health..” – Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead, World Health Organization, infectious disease epidemiologist.

If one thing that can stop the spread of Covid-19, is actually US. from where this all begin to a step where we understand and acknowledge about the deadly virus, we should be aware and react about it in most effective way possible.

It start with how we should be responsible for our self on our daily basis routine. By taking good care of our life start with good hygiene, appropriate social distance and avoided crowded place is the most basic way on how to prevent the virus.

i believe if all of us doing this, i think we can stop the virus.  if we have the accountable on following the rules we should be seeing the great result at the end, i make this post on what is the current worldwide statistic of coronavirus. Feel free to check on this live update from time to time.Thanks and be safe!